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Double Dodge - Guild Ball Podcast

Episode 5 - Gestalt Entity & The Flying Pink Snake


Double Dodge Episode 5 - Gestalt Entity & The Flying Pink Snake - In this Episode we talk to Jamie Perkins, Senior Game Designer & Coordinator of Organised Play for Steamforged Games about all things design and balance and the exact number of Jamies there are stuffed in the Steamforged basement. We also head to Germany to chat with Tim Wichniowski, loose unit, drunken master and winner of German Guild Ball Nationals 2016 in a wide ranging conversation about life, love and the German approach to tournament play. In our final Act we are back in the car for Car Ball where Cam wrecks some face with Veteran Rage and makes no apologies about it. Double Dodge! This Episode is so big it contracted Type 2 Diabetes!

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